Bridges Program

The Bridges Program exists to build relationships, educate, and equip for the betterment of children in need.

The Bridges Program is a division of Children FED

Support the Cause

Your donation supplies the needs of children across the world. For children, everything counts. We believe that 100% of every donation should meet the needs of at risk children across the world. With a completely volunteer based staff, we created a connection for you to provide food, a bed, and even a colorful box of crayons to children from every corner of the globe.  


The Bridges Program was created in 2018 in response to a growing need to bridge the gap between resources and education to at risk children and their caregivers around the world.

Mumbai, India

From the slums of Mumbai came young boys who could only dream of a new home. Through much effort, a small group of dedicated caregivers are making dreams a reality by providing what every child needs: Family.


Karamoja, Uganda

In rural Karamoja, access to education is extremely difficult for children, and even more so during the COVID crisis, because schooling primarily takes place in urban areas in Uganda. Children FED is teaming up with SHANITA, an Israeli organization that focuses on education, to help build a school in Karamoja, Uganda.


Tejutla, Guatemala

To go to school each day is a privilege that most kids don’t have. The feel of a new backpack, fresh colored pencils, and lunch every day is a luxury. In Guatemala, kids who can’t afford to go to school are given a chance to experience what many of us take for granted.


Creating connections between resources and needs